1. Julius


    I just recently found your website, and I really like it! I think I may also pick up a couple of NFL golf club head covers for my “fanatical” friends.

    These videos are great, and I’m having a really good time watching them. The guy in the yellow jaguar costume did an amazing job :), but I think my favorite might be the golf football announcers. Hahaha – pretty funny!

    Keep up the good work!

    • JB

      If your unfamiliar with TPC Sawgrass, it’s an incredible golf hole. The Jaguar’s Mascot did a fabulous job – cracks me up! Many professional golfers end up “in the drink”!

      But I also love the golf announcers; the one by “NFL Now” is pretty funny too!

      Thanks! … stop by again!

  2. Shawn

    I love your website!

    Your site is easy to read and easy to navigate – thank you. I love the head covers and the other products you had for sale. I actually did try and purchase a golf club groove cutter but Amazon wouldn’t ship it to my address in Ottawa, Canada.

    But it was the funny videos that I enjoyed the most! Great website and very well done!

  3. Boss Body UK


    This page is wack! I enjoyed watching a few of the videos. My favourite one was the, if you understand this…. one. Haha the guy made sense for most of the video, it was the shot that he hit that made it for me, I was just expecting him to hit it away, however it flew up just perfectly.

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